Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giveaway! Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield

Simon Tofield's animations have taken YouTube by storm. Now, the feline Internet phenomenon makes his way onto the page in this first-ever book based on the popular animated series.

Simon's Cat depicts and exaggerates the hilarious relationship between a man and his cat. The daily escapades of this adorable pet, which always involve demanding more food, and his exasperated but doting owner come to life through Tofield's charming and hilarious illustrations.

My Review:
If you own a cat, (ahem!) I mean if you are owned by a cat, you'll love this book.

Although I do not have a cat currently living in my home, I have enjoyed the antics of cats. Simon Tofield accurately draws the joys and frustrations of Simon while his famous cat attempts to do battle with fish and birds, torment dogs, avoid cat collars, obtain a never-ending supply of food, and find a comfortable napping spot. I chuckled out loud with the trip to the veterinarian and again when Simon had to rescue the cat from the tree.


The generous folks at Hachette Book Group are allowing me to host this book giveaway for five (5) copies!
  • Winners are restricted to the US and Canada. No PO Box mailing addresses, please.
  • Leave your email address in code in your comment Example of email in code: you[at]yourmail[dot]com
  • I'll close the comments at 6 PM EST October 22nd and pick the winners. I will contact the winners via email to get their mailing information. The winners will have three days to respond. If I do not hear from a winner within three days, I will select another winner(s).
  • If you're interested, just say so in a comment with that all-important email address in code.


bermudaonion said...

I'm owned by a dog, but this still likes fun to me. I'd love to be entered! milou2ster(at)gmail(dot)com

Simply Stacie said...

Please count me in.

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks. wandanamgreb(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

This seems like a cute book and I think it would give me a few laughs I have 2 wacky cats Thanks

sharon54220 said...

I would definitely love the chance to win this book. I have a cat and she feels that she rules me sometime.

Thanks for the chance.

Tyrdmom said...

Could use a catty pick me up for a read!

Jonnie (JB) said...

count me in.

Anonymous said...

I have a that is a ninja kitty, or so she thinks.

I'd love to win this book!

readingatthebeach at gmail dot com

kalea_kane said...

Girl, I am sooooo owned by a cat. Actually TWO cats call me theirs. Please enter me in this giveaway. They are seriously pleading for it or is that for another kitty treat?



CC said...

Hi Sally...
If ever I wanted a book, it would be this one. You see..I am totally owned by a grandkitty..whose name is Scooter. Scooter is, how shall we say..king of all he surveys.Bless him, he needs to learn who the real homeowner is..but he looks at me as though he already knows..and it's him.
I would so love this book, I hope,I hope I win.

Janie said...

I am studying to be an elementary school teacher, and would love to add this book to my collection!

Esme said...

Thanks for the giveaway-we became cat people when we took in a stray-cats dogs they are both loveable-Simon does capture their personality.

thank you.

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

Ellie said...

Love the cartoons on YouTube! We've had cats for a long time and can totally relate to some of things that Simon's cat has done. My kids really want to read the book. Thank you for the giveaway!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

The videos are so funny. I would love the book.


Angela said...

Simon's Cat has made me laugh on even the worst of days. I'm so excited about the book - please count me in on the contest!