Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Until Tomorrow (Christy and Todd: The College Years #1) by Robin Jones Gunn

Wondering what happens with Todd and Christy after the last page of A Promise Is Forever? Dive in to the College Years and enjoy the romance!

Until Tomorrow begins in Switzerland, where nineteen-year-old Christy Miller lives and studies at an international university. After being on her own for nearly a year, she gets a wonderful treat when her two closest friends--Todd and Katie--come to Europe to visit and travel during summer break.

Each has very different expectations for the trip that threaten to ruin their precious time together. Minute-by-minute, time slips away until they are facing their last moments together. For Christy and Todd, leaving will be especially painful. They said good-bye once but having to say it again may be too much. Their only hope is that they have the kind of love that will last until tomorrow....

My Review:
A trio of college age friends--two girls, one guy--tour Europe, giving the reader glimpses of interesting places to visit in addition to addressing the challenges of morality, following God, and retaining friendships. The title implies that Christy and Todd's love will last until tomorrow--the future--their future together. Ideal read for teens and college ages. Good read for any age.

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