Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Elevator by Angela Hunt

I'm often asked to recommend a "good book." First, my definition of a good book is one that is well written. It's difficult for me to enjoy a book with run-ons and sentence fragments. A good read must have believable characters, the plot should flow, and finally, the ending should satisfy with a sound conclusion. In addition, I want to read material without R-rated language or scenes.

I've never gone wrong with an Angela Elwell Hunt book. Her motto is to "Expect the Unexpected." I've read twenty of her diverse novels. Each time I read an Angela Hunt book, I'm sure that she cannot possibly surprise me with yet another new twist, but I turn the page and blink! Angie does not disappoint.

My Review:
In one of her latest, The Elevator, set in Tampa, Florida during an approaching hurricane, three women become trapped in an elevator. You'll meet: a betrayed wife, seeking revenge and carrying a gun, a mistress with new knowledge, determined to confront her lover, and a cleaning lady, afraid of having her horrible secret revealed. They soon discover that the one thing they have in common is--a man! I can't reveal more or I'll spoil it for you.

Although I did not want to put this one down, I found myself reading slowly to savor every word. The ending is impossible for any reader to guess. Try it, you'll like it!

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