Friday, May 22, 2009

A Voyage Beyond Reason: An Epic of Survival Based on the Original Journals of Benjamin Wade by Tom Gauthier

He Dared to Dream an Impossible Dream. He risked Body and Soul to make it Real.

In 1996, twenty-four-year-old Benjamin Wade sets out on a solo voyage in a tiny sea kayak. His goal lies 6,000 miles away--and deep within his own soul.

The chance discovery of his journals, buried on a Colombian cliff above the sea, uncovers a mystery which took many years to finally solve. His journals tell of misery and elation, of triumph and failure, of insight and insanity.

Does the man make the journey, or does the journey make the man?

Follow the tiny kayak, and follow the mind of a young man set on a goal that no amount of torture can dissuade him from reaching, on a journey that brings him face to face with himself.

My Review:
Using a found journal of Benjamin Wade as an outline, the author has written an interesting tale, whereby he allows the reader to look over Wade's shoulder as he travels the adventure of a lifetime. Interspersed are actual words from the journal in italics. This easy-to-read book keeps the reader's attention during Wade's risky kayak trip from California to South America. 

Some of the terrors Wade faces are shark-infested waters, crooked Mexican police officers, machete-wielding strangers, a hurricane and a gang of druggies.

If you like action and adventure, this is one for you. Contains profanity.

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