Friday, August 28, 2009

The Gathering Storm by Frank Simon


Only one person knows who lies behind the sinister winds blowing off the Lake Michigan shore.

Barbara Post is an ATF agent from Texas who specializes in heavy-weapons and explosives. After investigating the murder of a federal judge in Yellowstone National Park, she is assigned to the ATF office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she is to investigate a militia movement brewing along the shores of the Great Lakes.

What Barbara discovers is more horrorific than anyone could ever have imagined. She finds the militia much more than a group of local yokel government dissidents. Instead it is really made up of elite trained soldiers who have been deliberately cultivating a low profile. They are not only responsible for the federal judge's death in Wyoming but have an even more dangerous plot they are about to execute.

A timely suspense-filled action thriller about the threat of terrorism from militias within the United States.

My Review:
I picked up this book from a sale bin at my local Christian book store. Although the subject matter is intriguing, I feel that the plot is weak. In some spots, it seems to come to a stand still.

In addition, it almost seems like two stories: a militia robbing a transport of arms with an assassination attempt tacked on. Interspersed is a unnecessary romance between two of the characters that reads flat.

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Dixie said...

Sally... reading the summary on this book reminded of a book I read not long ago... Orchid Blues by Stuart Woods... which was a good book that had all the same scenerios... love match, assination attempt, military type militia in a small town... hhuuummmmm I'd recommend Orchid Blues... I think I'll pass on this one... thanks!

Becky said...

If you are looking for a book similar to this one (military, espionage, terrorism, etc) with a stronger plot, you should seriously check out Heath Daniels'
latest book "Three Kisses." I found the book to be well researched and really well written- fascinating to read.