Monday, November 16, 2009

As You Wish by Robin Jones Gunn

Book 2 of Christy and Todd: The College Years.

Back in the U.S. after a year abroad, Christy is reunited with her friends. When a couple close to her ends their marriage, it causes her to rethink her relationship with Todd. Will life turn out like she wishes?

My Review:
I bought all three books in the Christy and Todd series when I happened upon a sale bin. I read, enjoyed, and reviewed the first, Until Tomorrow. This is the second in the series. It is a book that can be read without having read the first.

I felt that the plot dragged a bit, and I had a hard time relating to the characters. Christy is much more indecisive than I am, so it's difficult to imagine a college-aged girl unable to tell a guy that she loves him. Todd, a patient young man, just seems to understand that all will work out fine. That too, seems odd to me.

Perhaps a younger reader would enjoy this series more than I. There's some good methods for teens to use when following God's direction in life. I'm passing the series along to my granddaughter.

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