Friday, May 13, 2011

The Lightkeeper’s Ball by Colleen Coble

A Mercy Falls Novel

Olivia seems to have it all, but her heart yearns for more.

Olivia Stewart's family is one of the Four Hundred--the highest echelon of society in 1910. When her sister dies under mysterious circumstances, Olivia leaves their New York City home for Mercy Falls, California, to determine what befell Eleanor. She suspects Harrison Bennett, the man Eleanor planned to marry. But the more Olivia gets to know him, the more she doubts his guilt-and the more she is drawn to him herself.

When several attempts are made on her life, Olivia turns to Harrison for help. He takes her on a ride in his aeroplane, but then crashes, and they're forced to spend two days alone together. With her reputation hanging by a thread, Harrison offers to marry her to make the situation right. As a charity ball to rebuild the Mercy Falls lighthouse draws near, she realizes she wants more than a sham engagement-she wants Harrison in her life forever. But her enemy plans to shatter the happiness she is ready to grasp. If Olivia dares to drop her masquerade, she just might see the path to true happiness.

My Review:
Set in California, at the turn of the century, the reader gleans information about the various fears and opinions with the upcoming Halley's Comet, the future of airplanes, and the proper place for a woman.

There are some errors that make the reading bumpy. The protagonist, Olivia Stewart, decides to hide her identity and be known as Lady Devonworth. The framed photograph on Eleanor's dresser of Eleanor and her sister, Olivia, was taken just three months ago, yet no one in the household staff seems to recognize Lady Devonworth. How could this be? Another mistake happens in the cemetery, when Olivia states that she is unaware that Harrison's mother is alive; yet, the day before, she hears Harrison tell Katie that his mother came to watch him fly. Although these might be small items, they do cause this reader to stop, blink, and flip back pages to reason it out.

However, the suspicion of a murder and several attempts on Olivia's life succeed by causing a desire to read on and see what happens next.

Thank you to Audra Jennings at B&B Media Group for my copy.

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Nise' said...

I missed that about the picture, but did notice the one about Harrison's mother. Other than that, I thought it was a nice read as well.