Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Lady's Maid by Susan Page Davis

The Prairie Dreams Series, Book One

Lady Ann Stone has come to the States to track down her elusive uncle so that he can claim his new title as the Earl of Stoneford. She's accompanied by her faithful chaperone, Elise, on hand to keep her mistress out of harm's way — and perhaps — to reconnect with the man she loved from afar. But the dusty prairie is no place for finery and the women have to prove themselves sturdy enough for the journey. They relinquish their gowns and set about securing supplies, but will their efforts be met with anything but skepticism by their fellow travelers?

Especially, Elise wonders, the rough yet fascinating scout, Eb Bentley.

Confronted with the difficulties of outdoor living and plagued by a mysterious and sinister man, Anne and Elise nonetheless make their way, turning the opinions of others in their favor. But will Elise be so intent on finding her former love that she misses the signs of blossoming admiration happening right in front of her?

My Review:
What a page-turner this novel proved to be! A proper lady from England, along with her maid become part of a wagon train traveling across America as they search for a missing uncle. The vivid details pulled me into the story. Although delicate, the ladies decide that they will transform themselves into strong, capable pioneer women. They learn to drive a wagon with a team of mules, make edible biscuits over an outdoor fire, and sleep on the lumpy ground.

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Lady Anne and Elise develop into friendship. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Thank you to Barbour Books for my copy.

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