Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards

The secrets of her past could imperil her future

Lindsey Presley certainly can't imagine why anyone would want her dead—though she knows she wouldn't be alive today if not for the local cop who saved her from two murder attempts. 

Deputy Jeff Gage has worked difficult cases, but with only Lindsey's fractured memories of a broken past to guide him, this is by far his most challenging. For Lindsey, fleeing the town she has come to call home is unthinkable. 

Separately, they are vulnerable, but together, Jeff and Lindsey just may stand a chance of catching a ruthless killer.

My Review:
Memories from her abusive childhood stay deeply buried. Lindsey remembers only fragments. However, someone wants her dead and keeps trying to kill her. Fortunately for Lindsay, Deputy Gage remains determined to protect her.

Violence abounds right up to the conclusion. Although the book is small, the adventure is large.

Thank you to Bonnie at Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Love Inspired Suspense for my copy.

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