Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dream in Color: How the Sánchez Sisters Are Making History in Congress by Linda and Loretta Sanchez with Richard Buskin

Foreword by Nancy Pelosi

By sharing moments from their childhood in Southern California, Linda and Loretta will pass on the values and traditions they learned from their parents--Mexican immigrants who, despite not having graduated high school themselves, made sure all seven of their children went to and graduated from college--that enabled them to conquer challenges and make history. They will speak frankly on the professional highs and lows, successes and scandals that constitute their distinguished careers, and show that the key to realizing your dreams is, above all else, always be true to yourself.

Often considered Congress's Odd Couple, these warm witty sisters are not only perfect role models for young Latinas in the US, but for all young women looking to break out and create a brighter future for themselves.

My Review:
In an unusual joint memoir, congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sanchez tell their story, with first one speaking and then the other. The flow is smooth and easy to follow. These history-making Latina ladies have already made their mark in American history as the first sisters to serve together in Congress. In addition, Loretta is the first Head Start child to be elected to Congress, and Linda is the first person of color to represent a district in Orange County, CA. Because of their never-say-die attitudes, I have no doubt that many more heights will be reached during their lifetimes.

Working with a professional author, made me think that this would be a well-crafted read, but unfortunately, it tends to repeat. Bob Dornan's defeat by Loretta is mentioned over and over. Their father's many difficulties as an immigrant in a new land, and their mother's remarkable struggle to gain her college degree and teach is referred to again and again. Indeed, it could be argued that this is a memoir of their inspirational parents rather than of the sisters.

That aside, it's a good motivational book, especially to anyone who feels as if she is struggling against the odds. I therefore recommend it.

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