Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Can I Run A Tight Ship When I'm Surrounded by Loose Cannons? by Kathi Macias

Proverbs 31 Discoveries for Yielding to the Master of the Seas

The perfect woman—excellent wife, cherished mother, impeccable housekeeper, thriving entrepreneur—all rolled into one. The Proverbs 31 woman looms large for Christian women today. Getting it all together. Keeping everything under control. Running a tight ship. But despite our best efforts it seems there are always loose cannons rolling around the deck.

With humor and relevance, Kathi Macias shares her journey and struggle with Proverbs 31, ultimately discovered that there is natural progression of growing in grace. The course of our lives and growth in grace may very well lead to a different destination than originally planned. But in the process, we can finally relinquish the dream of perfection and give up trying to control every aspect of our lives—all those loose cannons that threaten the tight ship we are determined to run, but can’t—and instead learn to trust the Captain of our ship to steer us safely home.

My Review:
I chuckled my way through this collection of true stories that focus on the qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman, the biblical superwoman. I recommend it for any woman striving for biblical perfection as well as for those ladies who know that they will never get to the starting gate of that race.

The author writes in a linear style as she takes us through her life experiences while on her quest to find a role model to mentor her so that she might become the perfect woman. Each of the five sections, representing five stages of spiritual life, is broken into five manageable chapters pointing to at least one measurable step of progress. With the book laid out such, it is easy to read a bit at a time or all at once. Ladies can easily pick it up when there is opportunity and put it down whenever interrupted.

I especially enjoyed the swimming pool scene and the skateboard episode.

Although humorous, this is no fluffy book; serious spiritual growth awaits. Each anecdote ends with Making it Personal thoughts and a Bible verse which makes it a good idea to use for a ladies' group study or as an individual personal growth journal.

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NotNessie said...

Proverbs 31 has always been a tough one for me..the expectations are SO high. Thanks for this review... I will add the book to my TBR list.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Looks like an interesting read! When I followed the link to read the first chapter, I'm not finding where I can read the first chapter of that book, but another of her books. Did I do something wrong?

Kathi Macias said...

Thanks for the great review! And Heidi, that "read the first chapter" link is in the "Beyond Me" section, but it may not be clear on the website. I'll get that clarified. If you'll contact me via my website ( I'll get a sample chapter to you. Thanks--and blessings to all of you!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Great title for this book! It sounds like it's full of wisdom written in a friendly tone. I like that you say it's "not fluffy".

She is Too Fond of Books