Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Second Mile by Ron & Janet Benrey

The Pippa Hunnechurch Mysteries #2

Pippa Hunnechurch’s life is back on track after seven years of living away from God. But her newly reignited faith is about to be tested.

Pippa, a corporate headhunter, hears from one of her placements, Barry Goodwin, that he is unhappy with his job. Not taking his concerns too seriously, Pippa gives him a pep talk and encourages him to hang in there. Two days later, Goodwin commits suicide in his apartment. Shocked and fearing she did not go the second mile in placing this candidate, Pippa launches her own investigation into what has happened. Dismayed, she tries to drop out of her Christian fellowship, but her church small group will not let her give up on herself or God that easily.

Pippa’s persistence turns up what she feared all along. Goodwin did not commit suicide; he was murdered. But who would want him murdered and would smear Pippa’s reputation to cover it up? Pippa’s research uncovers a web of conspiracy and intrigue at the company Goodwin so desperately wanted to leave.

My Review:
I picked up my copy of this Christian fiction murder mystery from a sale bin. The cover intrigued me. I judged it to be an interesting read. I was correct, thus proving that you can judge a book by its cover.

Written in first person narrative, this novel chronologically follows Pippa Hunnechurch's investigation of the murder of Barry Goodwin, beginning with his apparent suicide.

I found the characters quite believable. Pippa is British, now living in Ryde, Maryland and working as a headhunter. She retains some British customs. For instance, she often has a "cuppa." Her love interest is James, a gentleman who speaks with a Southern drawl. His birthday party turns into a birthday tea party with sweets and savories. British foods are discussed in detail. In addition, I liked the description of the crackers provided for the guests. I remember popping a cracker and trying to wear he flimsy hat inside.

There is a theme of going the extra mile--going beyond what is required, and that's where the title comes in to play. The reader follows Pippa as she chronologically goes the second mile to uncover clues that solve this mystery of Barry Goodwin's death.

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