Saturday, July 25, 2009

Showers in Season by Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock

Seasons Series #2

On the quiet cul-de-sac of Cedar Circle, where neighbors are close friends, fierce winds of circumstance threaten to sweep one couple away. Their Down’s Syndrome pregnancy is shattering news for Tory and Barry Sullivan, but the option Barry proposes is abhorrent to Tory. It will take a wisdom and strength greater than their own to carry them through. That, and the encouragement only a loving, close-knit community can provide.

Over kitchen counters and across the miles, the women of Cedar Circle lend their support to Tory and to each other as all of them face their personal struggles, heartaches, and joys. Shining with bright faith and friendship that illumine the stormiest night, Showers in Season explores the junction of life’s realities, the cost of obedience, the power of relationships, and the promises of God.

My Review:
This is a touching story that centers on Tory, pregnant with a Down's Syndrome child, and her husband, Barry, who knows what it takes to raise a Special Needs child. He watched his mother raise his Autistic brother. Tory and Barry have a deep discussion that brought this reader to tears.

Other vital issues are covered in this novel. Cathy keeps a secret from Steve because she fears he won't want to continue to see her if he finds out. Sylvia and Harry face a challenge in their work as Nicaraguan missionaries through the after effects of a hurricane. Brenda struggles in her new job with a demanding boss, while she longs to return to homeschooling.

Writing in the third person point of view enables the reader to follow the thoughts and lives of several characters as they interact with one another. Short chapters help keep the plot moving. Characters are quite believable. All in all, this is an enjoyable read.

I did not read the first book in the series, but I had no problem understanding the characters or the plot.

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SouthernSassyGirl said...

I must recommend that you read the whole series! I enjoyed reading something that was a little bit on the lighter side for Terri Blackstock. Love her other work, but this was a refreshing change. Every single book of this series was absolutely wonderful, and very similar to the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury, in my opinion.