Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black or White by John Aubrey Anderson

There was turmoil in Mississippi in 1945. Race relations were tense, money segregated, and good versus evil went to war at Cat Lake.

Missy Parker, a wealthy young white girl of just seven, is the target of a horrific attack. After her best friend, the son of a black sharecropper, saves her by giving his own life, she takes on a life mission she won't truly comprehend for years to come. As the families of these two children realize the truth of what happened that day at Cat Lake, their lives are forever connected.

Torn between a life simple and ignorant, or one complicated by Truth, Missy Parker must come to terms with the battle shes been thrown into....and either win it, or watch her loved ones die trying.

My Review:
I found this book on a sale table and bought it a few years ago. This week, I picked it up and began reading it; I was hardly able to put it down! It is a different kind of Christian fiction. Angels and Demons speak and surround the well-written characters. Set in Mississippi cotton country, the dialog is "spot on," which is no surprise as the author is from that area.

Some will not like the "preachiness," but the author incorporated it into the storyline so well that I found it plausible.

There are several scenes that had me holding my breath. One of the best written is when the three children are playing in Cat Shore Lake. I had to stop and dry my eyes before I could finish reading.

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LV said...

After reading your review, I know I would enjoy reading this book. I will see if the library has it.