Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter

Where's a Fairy Godmother When You Need One?

For Taylor Young life is very good. She has a handsome husband who loves her, three gorgeous children, a personally designed and decorated dream house. Suburbanite trendsetter and super mom—life couldn’t be more perfect. And as long as no one notices the fragile woman beneath her coifed and polished image, things will stay that way.

Then, a devastating secret bursts Taylor’s fairy-tale bubble, suddenly making her a cul-de-sac pariah, and stripping her of the role that defined her. With her struggling to maintain her alpha image, Taylor finds help from the unlikeliest of people, her nonconformist nemesis, Marta Zinsser. But to become the woman her family truly needs, Taylor must first believe in the person she is hardest on—herself.

My Review:
I've had this book sitting on my shelf for more than a year. It was sent to me by the publisher because I was reviewing another title by the author. Although the cover and title tempted me several times to pick it up, I never seemed to have the time. Boy, am I glad that I finally got around to reading this one. What an enjoyable experience!

This is my kind of book. The writing flows. The characters are flawed--just like people I know. Problems and solutions are believable. The plot moves along nicely; there are no sluggish spots. Note: the book does contain profanity.

I liked this one. Because book clubs are mentioned in the novel, this would make a good choice for a book club selection!


Dixie said...

I think it would have sat on my shelf too... thanks for the review... thanks to you... I might even read this one!

hope youi staying warm in FL... we're expecting some snow in S.TX this week!

bermudaonion said...

I think I got this at the same time you did and I haven't read it yet. It sounds like I need to get with it!

Nise' said...

This was a good one! Odd Mom Out is a good one too, its Marta's story.