Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Promise (The Restoration Series) by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley

One home, two hearts, and the power of a promise kept . . .

For the last five months, Tom Anderson has been without a job, a fact he's been hiding from his wife Jean--and everyone else. He leaves each morning, pretending nothing has changed, and spends his disheartening day rotating through coffee shops and the library, using their wifi to search job listings online. The stress of keeping this secret is beginning to put serious strain on his marriage.

But Tom's not the only one hiding something. Jean Anderson has a secret of her own--one that will seriously complicate their situation. Will the promises they made on their wedding day hold firm?

My Review:
I enjoyed being updated about Marilyn and Jim Anderson, the parents of Tom. They were the main characters from the first book in this series, and I am happy that the authors included them in this story. So often in a series, characters are contained in only one title. Here, the reader gets to know the Anderson family a bit better with each new book. However, if you did not read the first in The Restoration Series, The Dance, no problem. This is a stand-alone novel.

The major theme is one of supporting those you love. Children need to be encouraged so that they will grow up to become loving parents. For five months Tom has been self-centered. He can barely smile at his young son. The tangled web he's woven catches him and . . . . Well, you'll have to read the book to see what happens.

Thank you to Lanette Haskins at Baker Publishing Group and Revell for my copy.

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