Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Before-You-Marry Book of Questions by Bill and Pam Farrel

From Bill and Pam Farrel, bestselling authors of Men Are Like Waffles— Women Are Like Spaghetti and Red-Hot Monogamy, comes a new book especially for dating and engaged couples.

Filled with their trademark wisdom, humor, and insight, The Before-You-Marry Book of Questions will help couples:

  • delight in their differences
  • plan their financial future
  • sort through family obstacles
  • lay a strong foundation for a marriage that goes the distance
  • give their marriage to God
With “his and hers” quizzes and ideas for dates where couples can talk openly and freely about their relationship and future, The Before You Marry Book of Questions is a practical and essential guide for any couple building a life together.

My Review:
The Farrels did it again! This husband/wife marital expert team have produced an excellent book that should be mandated for every couple seriously dating, thinking of becoming engaged, or married.  Their marital stability will have a firmer foundation after sharing this study.

Chapter titles reveal how fully the material is covered:
  • Are You Ready for Love?
  • Do We Have a Strong Enough Friendship?
  • Are We Compatible?
  • Are We Making Progress?
  • Can We Handle Our Families?
  • How Is Our Emotional Fitness?
  • How Will You Propose?
  • What Will Our Wedding Day Be Like?
This is an interactive book. There are charts, thought-provoking questions, anecdotes, jokes, and challenges. At the end of every chapter is a section titled, "Date to Discover." Dates are suggested to help couples grow together.

I especially liked the part where the authors divulged their story.

Thank you to Christianne Debysingh at Harvest House Publishers for my copy.

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