Monday, October 6, 2008

Arsenic Soup For Lovers: When Chicken Soup Doesn't Work by Georgia Z. Post

In a world where few people laugh at themselves, "Arsenic Soup For Lovers" is the perfect blend of short stories guaranteed to make you step back and look at the world from a different perspective.

In this tart and wickedly amusing collection by author Georgia Z. Post, ordinary life situations unfold in a myriad of quirky moments. For ex-wives who want to get even, widows who wish for marriage at any cost, and couples on the brink of divorce, malice is suddenly a very useful tool. Then there are the daily challenges of the perfect couple (who hate each other), the husband with the midlife crisis, the guy looking for the ideal woman, and of course, the man with the fetish for touching women's knees.

Whether you're on your morning commute, relaxing after a day at the office, or in the mood to delve into the peculiar side of human nature, "Arsenic Soup For Lovers" offers entertaining, unorthodox, and creative solutions to tickle your funny bone.

My Review:
The title and cover promise laughter, but in this small collection of twenty-five jokes, I merely smiled. I did not laugh. A subtitle states, Very Very Short Stories for Very Very Busy People. Rather, they read like lengthy risqué jokes.

I read two of them aloud to my husband, and he laughed--so maybe it's me. Someone else might find this booklet more humorous. Try it and see for yourself.


Maruth said...

This one sounds interesting! Thanks for stopping by my site! Take Care!

Anna said...

I just received this one to review. I've read only the first story, and it was amusing, but not laugh-out-loud funny. Sounds promising, though.


Callista said...

I've read this one and am just formulating my review. I did laugh at some of them but most were shocking and I truly hope it's all fictional. I also didn't understand some of them. I think it's a fun idea but the stories aren't quite what I expected.

Sandra said...

I followed a Blue Monday post to find out what it is was all about. I read these stories too and have to write a review. I suspect they are tongue-in-cheek for the most part and the longer you've been married, the more cynical your humour becomes about marriage and dating.
I am so going to steal your comment button unless you tell me not to, I love it.

Linda said...

I have chicken soup for midlife women so it will be interesting to compare, if my library has it.

A hard subject.