Saturday, October 4, 2008

Never Surrender by LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin

From the commander of the Delta Force team portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down comes a gripping testimony of faith refined by the fire of unimaginable trial! Learn how General Boykin's experiences in the Special Forces---and in the crosshairs of the media---shook and ultimately strengthened his trust in God.

My Review:
My husband and I are very different people. I am an avid reader; he would tell you that he hates to read. Nevertheless, when this book came into our home, he picked it up. (Trust me, that's unusual.) He turned a couple of pages, and when I gently suggested he take a look at it, he began to read! He did not stop that first day until he got to sixty-some pages.

The following day, he picked it up and read some more! As we drove down the street one day, he began to tell me about this man's life. I asked, "If this were made into a movie..."

"I'd go see it!" he exclaimed, interrupting me.

On another day, he stated, "This man is a machine! You can't believe the things he's done!" Well, he finished reading the book! Yep, he read all 350 pages, and he loved it.

Obviously, this is a compelling read. Covered are Noreiga's arrest, and the tracking of Escobar, the Colombian drug lord. Boykin tells the truth about Delta Force's involvement during the Waco, Texas fiasco and clears up the "false story" from CIA agents that the news agencies reported. It's a man's story, made for a real man's enjoyment. Buy it for the guy in your life; he'll read it, even if he's a non-reader!

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