Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Good Person Guidebook by Richard Bayer, Ph.D

The focus of the book is to help the reader discover the answers to two key questions: "What type of person should I be?" and "What should I do given a decision of ethical importance?" The author provides important advice on a multitude of topics including how to overcome suffering, whistle blowing, love in your personal life, raising children well, a meaningful work life, and respecting human dignity. The book helps to bridge the gap between ethics and practical life and is pertinent in a time when business and religion are highly topical.

My Review:
If you've ever wished that you could have your own personal career coach, this Five O'Clock Club book for you. Sized (5" x 7") to fit into a pocket or purse, this handy guide is especially good for business-oriented people. Each chapter is chock full of inspirational, thought-provoking quotes, tables, and group discussion questions. I can envision an entire office staff choosing this book to read and work through as a group for the betterment of all.

It's divided into three parts: 1. A Perspective on Ethics, 2. Virtue: What Type of Person Should I Be? and 3. What Must We Do (Ethical Principles for Action). There are thirty-three short chapters, written so as to easily be picked up and put down. The chapter that I feel could be most effective is How to Terminate Employees While Respecting Human Dignity. Actual words are given to help managers make this dreaded task doable. This is a worthwhile self-help book.

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