Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gatekeepers (Dreamhouse Kings #3) by Robert Liparulo

In the third novel of this young adult series, the mystery deepens in a house that is more than meets the eye.

It's hard to believe that things could have gotten worse for the King family--but they have. Dad's in handcuffs, the school bully has just found the secret portal that leads from the high school to the house, and Xander is sure he's found Mom, but they can't get back to her. Then Jesse arrives, and he seems to be a virtual Obi Wan of knowledge about the place. But is he the key they need to unlock the secrets, or just a crazy old man?

Dangers are increasing from within and without when Xander makes a startling discovery that explains why they haven't found any rooms that lead to the future. Alongside the threats, though, they're also starting to find some surprising allies.

All they have to do is get organized, get psyched, and get Mom. But that isn't nearly as easy as it sounds.

If you would like to read the first chapter go here.

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GIVEAWAY! Bob Liparulo wants to give away a signed 3 book set of the DreamHouse Kings books! Send an email to Bob [at] Liparulo [dot] com and put "CFBA" in the subject line. He will pick a winner next week!

My Review:
Even though fantasy is not my genre of choice, and even though this is Juvenile fiction (and I am very old) and even though the book suggests that the first two novels in the series should be read first (and I had not read either of them) I LOVED THIS BOOK! I know it makes no sense other than it's a compelling story with believable characters, told in a page-turning fashion. What a thriller!

My only objection is that there is no conclusion. The book simply stops and leaves the reader panting for the next volume in this series. I can't wait to get my hands on that next book!


GirlwiththeBraids said...

Oh, I want to read these books so bad! Thanks for sharing the review and the contest. (Of course I entered. :)

Becky said...

Thanks, Sally. I read the first book and thought the high school kids would read it, so I entered for the giveaway. I'll let you know if we win.

Kristina said...

This sounds really good! I put all three on my wish list!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Sounds like a fun read!!

Alyce said...

Thanks for the review and the giveaway info! I haven't read these books, but they sound very interesting.

Patti VZ said...

Sounds like a fun read for kids of all ages! :)

Shimmy Mom said...

Like you, it doesn't sound like my current genre of choice and I am no longer a juvenile. But you have me intrigued and I'm headed now to enter the contest.


bj said...

Sounds interesting and maybe some of my young grands might like it. I'll surely enter to see if I might win a copy..
Thanks, Sally girl...

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh - I'd really like to win this one. Thanks Sally!

Anonymous said...

I sure would love to have my name entered in your drawing for your bookgiveaway... This book sounds like it would be sooo good!

Thank you..
~Lynn ( email

Carla said...

Add me in;)