Friday, January 9, 2009

Giveaway! God Is My Coach By Larry Julian

Business leadership coach Larry Julian helps readers navigate "the gray zone"-those make or break moments of decision making that are filled with uncertainty. There are times when intellectual and business logic are tested beyond one's perceived limits, when important decisions have no correct answers and can only be made by a leap of faith. Our true greatness lies within the gray.

Julian shows readers that, with God's guidance, uncertainty is the very catalyst
for making wise, impactful decisions that shape destinies. We learn to live and lead in the context of uncertainty rather than becoming paralyzed by it. This book is the means to living a significant life and to leading others in an uncertain world.

My Review:
Eight of the most perplexing problems of our day are laid out in issue/solution form, with one chapter devoted to each, making this an easy-to-follow guide. Covered are: integrating a career with a calling, fulfilling potential, avoiding becoming stuck in circumstances, communicating faith, keeping pressure at bay, urgent work demands, the best work environment, and your legacy.

Solutions are not always black and white, as the author explains, but sometimes gray. When a person finds himself in a "gray zone," his gifts can be discovered. This nonfiction work is filled with anecdotes to use to facilitate a successful Life Plan. Exercises are added to help identify and develop eight gifts. Included are the five E's of effective mentorship. Discussion Guide follows. Some repetition bogs the book down.


The folks at Hachette Book Group are allowing me to host this book giveaway for five (5) copies!

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