Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brittan (The Debutantes, Book 3) by Debra White Smith

Award–winning author Debra White Smith (more than 1 million books in print) wraps up her exciting mystery–romance trilogy. The Debutantes are three southern amateur sleuths whose faith, intelligence, and skills help them solve crimes...and get out of trouble.

When Brittan Shay meets Jose Herrera, she’s found love for the first time. Even when she and her friends, Lorna and Heather, investigate a money laundering scheme and discover Jose’s mother might be involved, Brittan’s sure her new boyfriend isn’t part of the plot. But when Chief Rob Lightly gets involved Brittan hesitates.

As suspicions and accusations fly, who should Brittan believe? And what will the culprit do when awareness of the Debutantes’ investigation comes to light?

A heart–pounding tale of adventure and love.

My Review:
This is an enjoyable chick lit featuring three young, Christian women from well-to-do families, who join forces to become the Rose, a crime-solving clique. The three sleuths who make up the Rose consist of: Lorna, whose malapropisms add a touch of humor; Heather, whose karate ability provides some intense action scenes; and Britton, the progtagonist, who keeps her Glock 30 handy and knows how to use it. They solve crimes and anonymously help the police by leaving clues along with a rose. Although it's the third book in the trilogy, it can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

The story moves along at a good pace; the characters are well-rounded and believable. There's a time when the reader will hold her breath and a time when she will sigh with satisfaction. It's a good choice for a light-hearted romance mystery.

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