Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Not About Him by Michelle Sutton

Susie wakes up after a party knowing something isn't right. When she discovers she is pregnant but has no idea who the father is, she decides to place her baby for adoption with an infertile couple from church. Following through ends up being more challenging than she'd imagined.

But she wants to do the right thing. If only Jeff would quit trying to marry her so she'll keep her baby! Why doesn't he understand? It's not about him; it's about what's best for her child. Meanwhile, a man shows up in her life that looks irritatingly familiar. Could he be the father?

My Review:
When confronted with an unwanted pregnancy, the decision to abort is often the answer, but this book presents another solution: adoption and looks into the complexities of that decision. I like that the baby becomes a focus of the decision.

This easy-to-read Christian fiction is not just for young adults; this senior citizen enjoyed reading it. In addition to looking closely at an edgy problem, romance blooms, bringing a roller coaster of emotions. Although it is the second in the series, it can be read without having read the first title, It's Not About Me. Discussion questions are included.

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Michelle Sutton said...

Glad you found it a compelling read. Crisis pregnancy centers are excited about using it to help their clients. Is that cool or what?