Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage by Rick Burgess and Bill Bussey

The only thing funnier than marriage is Rick and Bubba talkin' about it!

Rick and Bubba are at it again, and this time it is all about marriage. Addressing such topics as apologizing (The Ten Worst Ways to Say I'm Sorry), communication (Grunting Is Not a Language), date nights (Worst Date Nights in History), finances (I Thought You Paid the Gas Bill), and playing sports together (I Did Too Let You Win), the two "sexiest fat men alive" will have couples everywhere tied in knots. With stories, top ten lists, and even a bonus addendum of their oft mentioned, "The Book of Blame," this humorous look at marriage is long overdue. This book will revolutionize your way of looking at married life. And it might just remind you all over again why you fell in love in the first place.

My Review:
This book is funny! I love writers who have the talent to make me laugh aloud while I'm reading, and therefore, I love Rick Burgess, Bubba Bussey, and Martha Bolton. I laughed throughout this book. Many times, I stopped reading to drag my husband's attention from the game he was watching on TV so that he could listen while I read him a particularly funny section. He never minded my interrupting his game, which proves that the man appreciates good literature.

Along with the humor, comes sound advice on marriage based on principles from the Bible.

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