Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Taste of Fame by Linda Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson

The women of the Potluck Catering Club have a growing business. They even became the subject of a budding filmmaker's class project. Problem is, they didn't read the fine print when they signed off on his documentary. When he enters the club in the reality show Great Party Showdown, the ladies of Summit View, Colorado, head to the Big Apple for the unexpected adventure of their lives.

Between navigating New York City, dealing with other cutthroat contestants, and trying to maintain their close friendship in the high-stress world of reality TV, the Potluck women must keep their eyes on the prize--a cool million dollars--and work together if they're going to make it back to Colorado in one piece. A Taste of Fame serves up the perfect blend of humor, misadventure, and mouth-watering recipes. Fans new and old will love this exciting trip into the wild world of competitive cooking!

My Review:
I'll admit it: I'm hooked on reality shows; I watch home decorating shows, cooking shows, and even competition reality television programs. This book is about a show that I'd enjoy watching--a cooking competition for groups.

Written in first-person narrative in the voice of each individual character, helps the reader to follow the chaotic adventures of this diverse group of ladies, who by a mishap, involve themselves in a competitive television reality program. (A few guys join the group to help, to flirt, and to join in the fun.) With the prize a million dollars, along with an iron-clad contract that they signed without bothering to read, the ladies are obligated to plug away in spite of romantic entanglements and a bit of a mystery. I guarantee that the reader will try to figure out who IS "B?"

This is a fun book to read. Not only can I envision it on TV, but I'd sure phone in my vote for the Pot Luck Club to take the grand prize. The recipes for all thirty-six of the dishes used in the competition are included along with a metric conversion guide.


bermudaonion said...

This book sounds like one both my husband and I would enjoy. The cover is great too!

Nise' said...

I go in phases where I am hooked on reality shows and then quit them for awhile. This one sounds fun.