Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Altar Call by Hope Lyda

As her friend Sadie moves closer to the altar, Mari Hamilton makes a U-turn to help her family's youth shelter back in Washington, D.C. leaving behind boyfriend Beau, and gal pals Caitland and Angelica (who predict this decision is socially courageous or crazy). But with frequent-flyer miles and determination, Mari keeps her long-distance relationship and friendships alive and is certain she has pulled off the impossible--made the status of "single woman living with parents" advantageous.

But when her past and present collide, this maid-of-honor must discover what she is made of. Will Mari take her own trip down the aisle, or will she risk it all? As she moves forward in faith, will she finally trust the heart God gives her?

My Review:

I spotted this book on a sale table and bought it based on the cover and the blurb on the back (typed above for your perusal).

I had not read the first book of this series, Hip to Be Square, but that did not hinder me from jumping into this chick-lit. I particularly enjoyed the snappy dialogue and the way the author played with words. Mari, the protagonist, keeps a list of "least-favorite words." That's something that I might want to begin! There's "poetry pizza night" and a "phone closet." Mari mentions the "disease to please" that I have--as do most women.

I appreciate a nice romance like this one, as a change of pace. I recommend it.


SJ said...

I love grabbing a book that looks interesting...especially if it's on sale!


daisy said...

Love a find like that, too. I'm a word geek, too. This sounds like a fun read.

Thanks for your good wishes, by the way, Sweet Sal. I made it through the debates, and I'm still awake enough to play on the computer a little bit yet tonight. Ibuprofen is my very good friend, so I have to stay awake long enough now to take another dose. :)

Joy said...

This book definitely has potential for being entertaining with a thread of deeper meaning. Please enter me in the drawing. :o)

Joyfulsister said...

HI Sally..
I would love to read this book you recommended. my husband and I have decided to fast from the watching television , he has his book to read, now I need one *smile* and I know beside my bible I would love to have a book where I can sit and look forward to coming home to read.

Thanks for this giveaway