Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shoot the Moon by Billie Letts - Giveaway

In 1972, the town of DeClare, Oklahoma, was consumed by the terrifying murder of Gaylene Harjo and the disappearance of her baby, Nicky Jack. When the child's pajama bottoms were found on the banks of Willow Creek, everyone feared Nicky Jack was dead, although his body was never found. Nearly thirty years later, Nicky Jack mysteriously returns to DeClare. His sudden reappearance will stun the people of DeClare and stir up long-buried emotions and memories. But what Nicky Jack discovers among the people who remember the night he vanished is far more than he, or anyone, bargains for. Piece by piece emerges a story of dashed hopes, desperate love, and a shocking act with repercussions that will cry out for justice...and redemption.

My Review:
This is my first experience with Billie Letts, but it will not be my last. She tells a compelling story, with characters who live after the final page is turned. Mark or Nicky Jack, as he was named at birth, finds more than he hoped for when he travels to DeClare, Oklahoma, searching for the mother who birthed him.

The town is astir as they find out that Nicky Jack is alive. When the story leaks, reporters camp out and trail him. I can tell no more without giving away things the reader must discover for himself.

If I could wish for anything, it would be that the profanity not be included.

NOTE: In connection with BBAW, I am giving this book away to a blogger who lives within the US. To those outside the United States, I'm sorry, but postage is too steep. I must have a way of contacting you, so be sure to leave your email address in code: you[at]yourmail[dot]com

I'll close the comments 7 PM EST September 28th and pick the winner. I will contact the winner via email for their snail mail address. The winner will have three days to respond. If I do not hear from them within three days, I will select another winner.

If you are interested, tell me why in a comment on this post.


Susan Hickam said...

I would love to win the book-I am part Creek-Muscogee Indian and the name Harjo is acutally a Creek Word(means Crazy basically). So my intrest is piqued. my email is

Picket said...

Hey just sounds like the type of story line that would keep you reading to find out the end! lol I love books like that and especially ones that turn out nothing like you expected..count me in!

AmandaSue said...

This sounds like a super interesting story, I'd like it because its full of mystery

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds so cool! I think that it is interesting because... a murder mystery...guy comes back...second chances.... I want to read it!

Adayla S.

Killlashandra said...

Sure sounds interesting. It makes me wonder why someone would want Nicky Jack to disappear and then allow them to learn of their history to even go back to the place where it all started. I'm curious to what motivates the involved parties.

Sign me up. :)

Sandy said...

this sounds like one of those books you don't want to put down until its done..please enter me

Anonymous said...

I just learned about this book recently and am very interested in reading it. Thanks for the chance to win it here!

Bobbi said...

I would love to win this book!

SJ said...

Soungs good! I like it when they keep you guessing the whole time.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to reading some Letts books![at]gmail[dot]com

Book Spot said...

I'd really like to read this book :) Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally...Oh, this one sounds juicy! I usually read a book cover to cover in one setting if it's a real page turner and this one sounds just like it would please put my name in the pot...I'm new to blogging and your blogs, so you may have already reviewed "The Shack" by William P. Young...if so, what is your critique?
:-) Bo (my email is on my blog profile)

windycindy said...

Justice and Redemption! Sounds great to me! Please enter me in your delightful book drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Yvonne said...

I'd love to be entered. It sounds like a great book that I would enjoy. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally
Please enter my name in your book giveaway.
I have never read a Billie Letts book but it sounds very interesting....and thank you for the chance!


Amy said...

"Where the Heart Is" is one of my favorites ever! I would love to be entered in your giveaway!


teabird said...

I've been told that I'd love Billie Letts - everyone says she's an amazing writer.

teabird 17 at yahoo dot com

Carrie K. said...

It sounds like a good mystery - heavy on character. A good read, in other words. :)

nnjmom at yahoo dot com

ROHIT said...

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Anonymous said...

I've read a couple books by her and she is awesome. I'd love to win this one!
digicat @

Beverly said...

It sounds like a good read. And, you know just how to find me. ;-)

Callista said...

That sounds like a really good book! Unfortunately I don't live in the US :( Happy BBAW and thanks for commenting on my BTT.

splummer said...

Sounds like a really awesome book. Have never read any of her books. But will be putting her name on list of "to read" books. Thanks for the review and the chance to win this book. Put me into your drawing, please. Take Care!!


daisy said...

This would be my first Billie Letts book, and your booktalk has me hooked already. Part of it is from the relief we all feel when a lost child is found. The other part is wanting to know the rest of the story!! I'm sitting on the very edge of my chair on this one.

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Sally, That sounds like an amazing book. A book that I would be enthrawled by. I have been a stay-at-home mom with my girls 3 & 2 and haven't had a change to keep up on reviews for books that are worth reading. I would love to take time out to myself with this book, which sounds like it would be worth every bit of my "ME" time, which is usually after they go to bed at night. hugs, Ellen

Kathy said...

Sally I read this when this first came out. Billie Letts is a native Tulsan. I went to her book signing on this book. Very nice lady with a great sense of humor considering how hard her life has been lately. She recently lost her husband (I believe it was cancer).

Marina Capano said...

Hi Sally, thanks for your nice comment in my blog!
Please enter my name in your book giveaway.I love it!


Patty said...

Remember when I told you I didn't think Harry Potter was all that? Well, this is the kind of story that interests me. Now I want to know what happened to Nicky Jack!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, It sounds like an interesting book. I am wondering too what happened to Nicky Jack.

Mary said...

I am from Canada, so will not be entering the draw, but am certainly going to look this book up at the library. I have read Billie Letts before and find that the stories are good. Like you, a little less profanity would be nice.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sally, I would love to win and read this sounds very interesting... thanks for sharing with us. hugs, Baba

Susan B. Evans said...

I almost chose this book for a "Southern-Fried" book club years ago, but I never got around to reading it. I'd love to win a copy :)

Beck said...

This definitely sounds like an interesting read. I'd love to be in the running to win a copy. My email is: beckysue33[at]hotmail[dot]com

Wanda said...

I have this one tucked away as a Christmas gift for one of my sisters. By the sound of your review, "Shoot the Moon" is one I'll be borrowing back.

Thanks for stopping by earlier today and commenting on my first BTT. :)

Shelly Burns said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win sounds great! I am interested because I love characters that live on even after the last page.


Meaghan said...

Very cool site! I am hoping to use my blog to create a book about my battle with 3b cervical cancer at age 28. If you have any advice please share :0)


jeanne said...

Sally I have meant to read your review so many times and now you have motivated me to do it 'now' and I am glad I did. I am going to read that book if I don't win it. I am intrigued. Please enter me.


Thank you!