Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fireworks by Elizabeth White

Following a devastating explosion, insurance investigator Susannah Tait, a former ATF Agent, is sent to investigate pyrotechnics expert Quinn Baldwin. Susannah is sure someone deliberately set the deadly charge--and it looks like Quinn is the culprit. Can Quinn and Susannah overcome distrust—and an enemy working behind the scenes—to find the truth?

With her faithful black Lab Monty, she moves to the charming backwater city of Mobile, Alabama to uncover the truth. But this world-traveled military brat with a string of letters behind her name finds herself wholly unprepared to navigate the cultural quagmires of the Deep South.

Captivated by the warmth and joy of her new circle of friends, Susannah struggles to keep from falling for a subject who refuses to be anything but a man of integrity, compassion, and lethal Southern charm. Fireworks offers a glimpse into heart of the South and a cynical young woman’s first encounter with Christ-like love.

My Review:
This enjoyable book proved a quick read. The straightforward way the story is laid out allows the reader to zip through it in no time. I learned a bit about pyrotechnics--fireworks--how they're assembled. I feel that's a bonus!

The character of Susannah is a bit of a stretch. She's presented as a novice to church attendance, yet she has a nagging brother who is a long-time believer, married to a believer. I feel that even though she may never have attended a church, she would have heard more of the language of church people from her brother and sister-in-law. In spite of that, I liked Susannah. In fact, I liked Quinn too, the super shy thirty-year-old bachelor who is immediately attracted to the Yankee. Another interesting character is the city of Mobile, AL. Although I've never visited, I now feel familiar with the city. The landlady, Elva Kay, makes a hummingbird cake that sounds so yummy, I actually Goggled it and found the recipe!

There are just enough hints in the plot for this reader to figure out the twist, which I suppose means its not twisted enough. The ending is drawn out a bit, but some will appreciate the final fireworks display.

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