Saturday, February 7, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction - Questions or Answers?

My friend Amy is the host for Faith 'n Fiction Saturday. She poses the questions and we try to answer them. If you're interested, check it out here.

Today's question stems from a quote: "Too many Christians think we are supposed to use the arts to give people the answers. We’re not. We’re supposed to use the arts to lead them into a question."
Barbara Nicolosi, founder of Act One

What do you think? Do you think Christian fiction should provide answers or lead us to questions?

My Response:
The real question seems to be "What is the goal of Christian fiction?"

Sometimes it might lead us to thought-provoking questions and sometimes it might answer some questions we have been wrestling with, but most of the time Christian fiction is to enjoy. Do we go to the movies to have questions answered? Or do we go to be entertained? Watching television, listening to music, visiting with friends--isn't it all about enjoyment?

Along the way, we might find some answers or new questions to ponder, but that is not our major goal. Reading should be fun!

Christians authors do not have all the answers, but they should know who does and be able to make that clear by teaching through parables, metaphors, anecdotes, and real-life situations.

The goal of Christian fiction should be to present believable characters in real-life settings and situations, keeping true to the Bible in an entertaining mode, while remaining free from the assault of profanity, graphic sexual situations, and unnecessary violence.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed and appreciated your thoughts on this most interesting topic today, Sally. I have my opinions expressed on Free Spirit-

Bluestocking said...

Very true, very true. Here is my answer.

Asked or Answered

Nise' said...

Yep, I agree, I read for enjoyment and along the way questions may arise that challenge me or answers may come as well.

CeeCee said...

Well said! I agree! I'll stop screaming at you now. *smile*

Amy said...

We do all have different reasons for reading don't we? Maybe therein lies the conflict.

AndieJ said...

Good answer Sal! The book I was referring to was The Shack. Not everyone will agree with me of course. Have a great rest of the weekend! Andi