Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (Even When You Have Every Reason To Be Miserable) By Scott Hamilton

Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Scott Hamilton shares his eight secrets to finding happiness in the face of a life filled with challenges, difficulties, and career-canceling odds.

With never-been-told, behind-the-scenes stories from the skating world, personal challenges including testicular cancer and a brain tumor, as well as divine miracles, Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Scott Hamilton shares the secrets to his lifelong journey to find the silver (and gold) lining in the clouds of life. His life principles, fashioned into eight secrets that begin with the rote of learning to skate the figure 8, are the keys. Scott says, "Skating taught me how to be happy. I have always kept these eight as my own private, personal secrets that I practiced daily with repetition, focus, and discipline. Now I want to share them with the world."

My Review:
Scott Hamilton's favorite number is eight. Eight has played an important part of his entire life. First as his birthdate: 8-28-58; then as a figure skater, he had to learn discipline and control to perfectly skate a figure eight; and now he uses eight as part of the title in his biography which has eight principles for a happy life.

Scott contends that "even when you have every reason to be miserable," you can be happy. After spending a good bit of his childhood as a sickly boy, Scott discovered that ice skating made him feel free. He calls God his Almighty Coach, and he gives credit to Christ for the ability to find happiness in spite of suffering. Scott suffered from testicular cancer and then from a brain tumor. He cites many other examples in his life that would pull some people down into the depths of despair, but because of his take in life, Scott Hamilton remains a happy man.

This is an interesting book to read about an interesting celebrity. I recommend it.

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