Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton, Illustrations by Dom Rodi

"Hi, I'm Alice. I'm eight years old, and I have something to say. It's not easy to be tall. I know. I'm four inches taller than any of the other girls in my class. And then, I have a friend who's kind of short, and she's not too happy about that either. So, I guess it's just not easy being different. But I think it's okay to be different to be you! What's different, anyway? Boy, I wish I knew.

"I was lucky to have somebody write a book about me. The story is all about me and how I learned that it's okay to be tall-to be myself, whoever that might be. Maybe you're not too tall, but maybe you think you're too short or too fat or too skinny. Maybe you think your ears or your nose are too big. But I'm here to tell you that it's all going to be okay because I learned to see me, the real me. And now I know I can be anything I want to be, because I'm okay."

Here's what 4th grade teacher Linda Balaban has to say about the book: "Too Tall Alice is delightfully entertaining with a message that young children will understand and appreciate. It is a refreshing portrayal of one's uniqueness that allows children to be proud of their own distinctive characteristics. An appreciation for one's self can result in an acceptance of the individuality of others, which is the heart of the story."

My Review:
I connected with this book. Like the protagonist, I was so tall that on class picture day, the teacher actually made me stand in the back row with the boys. To make matters worse, the boy who I had a crush on was a full head shorter than I, and the teacher put me next to him, accentuating the problem. I understand that humiliation. Unlike me, Alice has a lovely dream where she sees her future as one of promise. How I wish I had this book to read that day.

This beautifully illustrated book will speak to the tall girls, along with the child who is short, and all of the others who are different. We need to learn to accept ourselves and celebrate our unique qualities--just like Alice does. The fanciful story is uplifting, and the illustrations are the best I've seen. I can see classroom teachers using this book to teach a lesson on self-esteem and acceptance of others. It's a good one!

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Barbara Worton said...

Hi, This is Barbara Worton, the author of Too Tall Alice. Thank you for this beautiful review and thank you for sharing your story about your class picture. I was really moved. It's a wonderful feeling to make this kind of connection with something I've written. Many thanks.