Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Whine: What We Whine About. Why We Do It and How to Stop! by January Jones

It's not just you. Anyone who goes shopping, watches TV, or has children knows there is a world-wide epidemic of whining that is out of control!

January Jones surveyed a wide cross-section of people to find out why they whine and what they whine about. She used this information to write a humorous look at why people whine and how to cure it. Whiners come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. January reveals the top ten whines from all age groups and shows how to deal with them using cures that work. Thou Shalt Not Whine is guaranteed to make you laugh at yourself and others.

My Review:
This lighthearted look at whining and the cure(s) for it, is my idea of a terrific bathroom book! Let me explain. A bathroom book is one that I pick up and put down on a daily basis while I'm in a fixed seated position. (I'm trying to be delicate, here.) Each whine is discussed and the cure for it is offered within one page. Therefore, one page could be read, and the book put down, or if you have more time, you could read on.

Each whine is placed into one of the top ten categories. Some are serious whines with serious suggestions, while others are quite funny. To paraphrase, when a child whines "He's still looking at me" make them both wear sunglasses. I chuckled as I read this one. Who knows? It could work.

There are definitions when needed: "Mother-in-law: A woman who destroys her son- and daughter-in-law's peace of mind by giving them a piece of hers."

Amusing celebrity quotes are included. I like books that give me cause to chuckle.

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January Jones The Whine tester said...

Hi Smiling Sally,

I just wanted to thank you personally for such a wonderful and amusing review. I'm so glad that I made you chuckle and here is more to chuckle about.

Thou Shalt Not Whine was just Voted The #1 Best Book to be given Anonymously. Isn't that a hoot?

So if any of your readers are looking for a Christmas gift for that someone special, this is it!

No Whine in 2009, however Wine is just fine!
January Jones