Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Treasury of Adoption Miracles: True Stories of God's Presence Today by Karen Kingsbury

Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury--herself an adoptive mother--offers an inspiring collection of true stories to remind readers that God is present in every adoption.

Adoption has become increasingly prevalent, with recent statistics showing that about one out of every ten Americans is an adoptee. There’s something about this gift of love that is truly miraculous--that someone would willingly give a life to someone else so that they might have a family. This book is filled with true stories about adoption. As someone who adopted three boys herself, Karen knows firsthand the wonder and joy of adding to one’s family. Here, she details miraculous stories of adoption, giving readers glimpses of the love and new beginnings as seen through the eyes of the men, women, and children involved.

My Review:
There are twelve stories within these 156 pages, each one telling about the miracle of adoption. It's Kingsbury at her best, especially when she tells her own true story of how she and her husband, with a family of three, came to adopt their three sons from Haiti. This book would make an excellent gift for any family opening up their home to an adoptee. Get out the tissues; this one's a tearjerker.

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